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  1. Five Element Analysis System for Human Beings
    • Throughout five millennia, traditional Chinese medicine developed from comprehensive knowledge accumulated from Chinese Numerology and Esoteric Principles of Life Genesis and Transmutation for better living.
    • The Five Elements Analysis System of one's birth data will determine a personalized prescription formula of health food supplements to improve deficiencies and maximize well being.
    • Based on the underlying ideas of Ying Yang and Five Elements (fire, earth, wood, metal and water), the analysis system greatly enhances health, vitality and the evolution toward improved living.
  2. Weight Loss and Anti-Aging Supplements
    • Our amazing weight loss syrup of special natural ingredients reduces fat cells and increases collagen into the body cells.* A daily dosage of 1 to 2 teaspoons in the evening eases the craving for food without having to change regular meal patterns. The syrup is easy to digest, pleasant tasting and effectively uses new nutritional technology.
    • DNA and RNA Replenishment Formula for anti-aging use. Having developed one of the most advanced formulas on the market today, OmniAll5's GH formula incorporates all aspects of the advanced food spectrum to recombine DNA and RNA potency for a whole range of activities. Continued use of the GH formula will reap surprising results.
    • Thousands years Chinese taking Ganoderma mushrooms for health&longevity,Now with modern Tech. It found that Ganoderma spores is much potencey. It is an extremely precious natural product. Each 1000g of Ganoderma mushrooms can only collect 1g of Spores. This product is made solely from glossy Ganoderma mushrooms which are rich in protein, polypeptide amino-acid, polysaccharides and trace elements. It can provide nutrients for strengthening immune system and fighting free radian damage associated with the aging process.
  3. Male and Female Sex Enhancement
    • More than 30 million men yearly suffer from impotence in the United States.
    • More than fifty percent of all women experience a lack of sexual desire and a fear of sexual intimacy.
    • Special introduces Vigerect for men and Joyqueen for women.
    • Combining only botanical ingredients, Vigerect and Joyqueen were formulated as a natural supplement alternative to Viagra,Levitra&Cailis.
    • Use of Vigerect by males provides added benefit to the male libido.*
    • Use of Joyqueen jell cream by females invigorates desire, heightens sensitivity and improves relationships.*

  4.  Other unique products

       In addition to the above health products,also provides other unique health products and the high quality products for improving living quality.        


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