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That was the most difficult year of my life in 2001. Business family at the wrong bath, I even had 4 car accidents. I was under depress and stress for so many unsuspected happen together.

Then luckily I met Dr. LIU, right after I told him my date of birth, He pointed Out exactly what happening in these day to me, and show me a solution. before that I did not know what birth chart nor Five elements is .Then I began to take the pill of water that is the element I need.

After only 2 weeks, my stress was gone, my mind was clear, I finally felt release. I can? believe that a little pill can do to me , It not only good to you health, your energy, but also your soul. Then I took a class of Dr.LIU to study birth chart and 5 elements because I want to know more about myself. Now I? been taking the pill for 9 months. All my thinking is positively heading to the right direction and the entire bad thing I left it to the past I become more control of anger, and more patent, in other word?I am new again I refer my friend to Dr.LIU, her result was even more amazing, but I rather let tell that herself.

For over 20years of Dr.LIU? practice and experience, mow this 5 elements and other health products of Dr.LIU ? finally introduce to the market. I hope everybody can have these good products and change to better living

Willy , CA 2003

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