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  • fengshui page 911 Terroist Attack Purple

    White Flying Star (Investigation &) Analysis

    A nation has a nation's fate; a family has concerns over a family's fortune. This is a common saying (cliche) people talk about often. However, a family or a person should not overlook the fate of a nation at all. But how do we look at a nation's fate? With Chinese Feng Shui Figure,Since a nation's fate and the fate of its region have to do with a big territory, we do not need to consider its direction, division, or dynamic aspects. There is a saying, " a grain of sand is a universe of its own, a nation is a Taiji of its own." Therefore, it is common practice to use (9 square LO Su palace See fig.1) to look at it. To put it differently, we use "Losu" direction and position to tell good or ill luck.

    In 2001, 911 was Lunar year(silver snake) year 7 month and 24th day. It is equivalent to (Xin Shi) year, (Ding You) month, and (Ding Chou) day. The incident occurred at around 8 am in the morning when it was (Jia Chen) time.

    By looking at the Bazi(4 pillar) reading(Shi year You month Chou day) were 3 metals combined, (You month and Chen time) were metals combined. That day's metal element was very powerful. The flying star number 8 was in the center palace in that year of (2001) See figure 2.

    As we can see in the diagram, figure 2 the number 5 yellow was in (Kun) palace, that year's 3 evil spirit was in East. (Year star) was number4 and it was in (Xun)(South East) palace. Following moon and flying star in (2001) year.Lunan month center 9 square began at 2. This means 7th Lunar month the center square will be 4 ( See fig.3)

    As shown in the flowing moon and flying star map (fig 2), 5 yellow was in the Northwest, 2 black was in the East. 3 jade was in the East. Moon (month) three evil spirits were in the East as well. The three evil spirits of that year and month were in the same location at the same time. This meant three evil spirits were having a reunion. This was very omious. Moreover, the day's 3 evil spirits also arrived at East palace, so called evil spirits on top of evil spirits. When there is too much evil spirits build-up, there is killing. The so-called evil spirits are an invisible kind of killing and power of destruction by opposing forces. Evil spirits can give birth to killing. Killing is blood shedding war and disaster caliber of destruction in essence. Generally speaking, everything that causes you irritation or stress in our life can be considered evil spirit. When the evil spirit build-up us too heavy, it nor only causes irritation, but also cause (bring about) many disastrous events.

    About the 911 event, let us, for the time being, not talk about who is right and who is wrong. The fact that it occurred was because when America conducts its affairs, there are opposition and resistance by others as result. Sooner or later the build-up of resistance and opposition becomes an evil spirit. When an evil spirit becomes too heavy, killing happens as consequence. By looking at that day's four pillar, the metal sign was extremely strong. Earth sign gives birth to metal. Strong metal(surmounts, conquers) cuts wood. Strong wood surmounts earth. To summarize, on that day there was strong metal surmounting wood event.( Book of three fates and figuration: among the five elements only metal can destruct (cut) matter.) Or big heavy object of metal destroy object of wood. On that day America's quake palace(which is euivalent to America's latitude due North 36 to 42 degrees and longitude due West 76 to 92 degrees. The region covers New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware,...) has three jade of wood, (see fig1, fig2, fig3) two black of earth, six white of metal. This is a war-waging phenomenon. Three and two are also bull-fighting type of evil spirit.

    Tall rectangular shaped building belongs to wood. Circular shaped building belongs to metal. Cube shaped building belongs to earth. Waving shaped building belongs to water. Pointy shaped building belongs to fire. By looking at the shape of the Twin Towers, they belong to wood. Therefore they suffered the misfortune of being destroyed by airplanes.(Metal destrcted wood.) On the other hand, White House is circular shaped. So it belongs to metal. Therefore even if the enemy planed and designed over and over again, there is no way it can destroy White House in the element of Metalfiming. However, had we done the reading before the incident occurred, we could have only known there would be disaster in East. But it would have been difficult to pinpoint what event would occur. This is the hard part of predicting the future of a nation. Nation's crisis was in the East, and it was apparent that the crisis was paramount. But the exact longitude and latitude mapping and location of the event occurring, or the form of the event can only be discovered after the fact, kind of like it suddenly dawned on us what was happening. Of course, being able to detect that there was disaster in the east on that day, and taking possible security measures, and increasing national vigilance can help us when unexpected harmful events occur.



































    Taoist Fengshui Master Performs Siting ,Interior Planning & Geomorphic Reading>/a>

    Feng-shui is not a religion. The practice and theory of Feng-shui (Wind & Water) readings accord with the universal laws of Yin-Yang and Principle of Five Primordial Elements. We know where the wind blows; but hardly anyone knows, without satellite technology, where it came from and where it goes. Farmers observe the Wind and know whether it brings a rainy or hot and dry season (due to abundance or lack of Water element), and plan their farming accordingly in concert with seasons of Tao (The Way, Nature's virtue).

    Tent dwellers have known how to choose their camping sites to benefit from an optimum protection from hostile elements in nature. However, in the clamors of urban life, house dwellers have forgotten the art of living in harmony with nature. Such as improper selections of building materials or bad ventilation will make the houses with stagnant Chee (energy or power) too damp or dry for their occupants to live in comfort, or even induce sickness in persons with certain biochemical or bio-electric characteristics and metabolism.

    Taoist Fengshui geomorphic readings address compatibility of these environmental and habitat features in terms of favorable or adverse Influences on the host occupants. In addition to reaping the benefits Fengshui services can offer, analogous to working the sails to ride on favorable winds, Master Liu also encourages his clients to live a virtuous way of life in accordance with Tao. To help people understand what brings a prosperous and happy life, he advises everyone to contemplate on an aphorism from Yee-Jing, which is translated and commentated as follows:

    "The auspicious, tile ominous, tile remorseful, and the miserly, all begot in arousing (the likeness)."

    --- Yee-Jing, Canon of Metamorphoses

    As every facet cut on a diamond shows the work of hands that cut it, so does every facet of life. Be it auspicious or ominous, remorseful or forgiving, generous or miserly, it originates in arousing the likeness in your mind and in elements of Mother Nature as well.

    Life is indeed the disposition of spiritual Chee and psyche made manifest. It will carry you a long way on the road of a great success in your endeavors and a lasting happy life If you have a positive attitude and a desire to improve your life as well as to become more considerate of environments and people around you.


    How To Have Taoist Fengshui Services & Get The Best Out Of Taoist Geonorphic Reading

    You must get from Fengshui master an auspicious time when you are ready to install such artifacts that are specifically prescribed for you.

    To place all order for Fengshui services and geomorphic reading, first make sure you are sincere. Second, send the architect's layout of your residence, address and your telephone number via fax.

    If you'd like to have your specific life problems resolved, send in your birth date for comprehensive analysis of your past, present and future life Readings, which will help in prescribing, Fengshui remedies. After Fengshui geomorphic reading is given, follow the instructions for Changes to be made in placement in and around your residence.

    Any apparatus or Fengshui artifacts prescribed for you are designed to meet your specific needs for cures and enhancements of Fengshui features.

    Tire artifacts from Dr, Liu are personally empowered and blessed by Dr. Liu's good will toward you. Therefore, you are not to give them away as gifts.



    These days, L.A. is rampant with fengshui experts--those Eastern spiritual-cum-New Age practitioners who tell you to paint your front door red, put a mirror in your hall and move your desk to face the door. But few, if any, boast their own house of worship, like Dr. Liu. Every Saturday night, faithful followers arrive at his Hua Tien temple in Rosemead for a holy gathering that includes a vegetarian dinner and instruction on the art of object placement. He believes his version of the practice, the 700-year-old Dragon Gate Five Taoists school, which long predates the more prevalent Tibetan Buddhist Black Hat.

    Feng Shui, is utterly superior--and he claims he's the only U.S. master of it. He tells followers they can save their marriage, win a lawsuit or increase their wealth by, say, moving their bed, buying a plant or avoiding certain foods. This, after all, is the real reason people come to California: the chi. --E.L.


    Feng Shui with Dr. Liu (an interview by Kay Zhou)

    I recently interviewed Dr. Steve Liu, a local Chinese doctor at AA Medical Center about his experience as a master of Feng Shui. I've seen many ads for Feng Shui consultants and wanted to investigate this science. Dr. Liu is a noted Feng Shui Master from the lineage of Dragon Gate Five Taoist Arts in China. He has a vel3, busy practice as a clinician and travels extensively on Feng Shui assignments throughout the US and China in his spare time. There are only a few genuine master alive today to practice this ancient science.

    What is Feng Shui? Feng Shui is the art of placement of objects, plants, furniture, buildings, and landscape along the earth and universe's energy lines to improve health and increase wealth. It is a science historically derived from ancient Taoist sciences of geomancy, physics and medicine. Today many businesses use Feng Shui masters to increase profits by harmonizing their working environment. The most famous site has been the Hong Kong Bank.

    Feng Shui is not a mystical practice nor is it to be confused with fortune telling which is another ancient practice spanning all societies. Modern Feng Shui scientists must specialize in geomancy, spirituality, Taoism, physics, architecture, art, geography, mathematics, geology, agriculture, agronomy, medicine (pharmaceutical, clinical), I Ching, history, sociology, psychology and be of good, moral and virtuous character.

    Feng Shui scientists come from various lineages, erroneously referred to as "schools" by westerners. Dr. Liu is an expert in Traditional Chinese Taoist Feng Shui while most practitioners here in California are Tibetan Buddhist Black Hat Sect. Traditionally, Feng Shui is used for life planning. Birth charts (Ba zi) are used to give the seeker an idea of their prior life, that is, the causes for their condition in this life, favorable and unfavorable. This is a way for the seeker to understand the principles of cause and effect (karma) in their lives.

    Some are born with good fortune and some are born with bad fortune. Those with bad fortune need to struggle to change the cause. Improvements can be made are some areas, except: gender, genetic inheritance, parents, relatives, basic health condition kern birth, lifetime wealth (poor, middle class or rich). Instead of being fatalistic, seekers are encouraged to use this knowledge to accept who they are, weather the hard times with grace and happiness knowing that good times will come later. Through effort one can change one's health through proper diet, Exercise, healing through medicine and qigong. There might be some change but one still has to put a lot of effort to get ahead because of the justice of the universe. It is possible to overcome negative karna.

    It can be likened to a ship sailing against and unfavorable wind. The skill of the sailors and tile guidance of the captain to keep tile ship on course. Their goal of guiding the ship to harbor will be met but not in a timely manner.

    What about those suffering from job loss or long term unemploylnent? Long-term unemployment has created an underclass of well-educated people possibly dependent on welfare often suffering from mental anguish. In this case the seeker is encouraged to hibernate by studying and improving their health. Effort encouraged in continuing to seek employment from any source while waiting for the "winds" to turn in your favor.

    How can Feng Shui that has to do with energy, direction and spatial design affect us? Feng Shni is also related to our health, health is related to brain functions, intellectual, even spiritual or cultivation level. It's important to check the house. It might influence one's physical condition. When you move in to the house. You need to eat herbs to fortify your energies. The house will exchange your energy. The energy has been expelled to the walls ceiling of the house.

    For example, if the house is damp then then house members will have mucus or sweats, which is symptomatic of lower digestive system disorders. If tile house is cooler then it will lower the body temperature and decrease the immune system. If the house temperature is high it will raise family member's temperatures, which will cause faster metabolisms and higher temperament,

    short tempers and destroy cardiac systems. If a house is very dry then the house will absorb the water from their bodies. It will cause dehydration, reproductive and urinary disorders. By using Chinese herbs with the appropriate survey and diagnosis using Traditional Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui will collect or prevent the house members physical conditions from deteriorating.

    If the house sustains strong or negative energy then it will cause negative effect to members such as conflict, fighting, disagreements, etc. If the house has positive energy it will cause a positive effect to family members such as success harvest prosperity, peace and harmony (by accumulating) negative or the house is sending (by accumulating) negative or bad luck then every one will not be able to maintain his or her proper sense of well being, if the house has sustained good fortune then everyone in the house will sustain good fortune or luck and be able to maintain a sense of well-being.

    What can we change? You cannot chalked your life's outcome but you call use some methods to help you change little things you can. Man3 Chinese know these five principles that help you live your life. They are:

    When you are experiencing bad climate you must conceal yourself (make this effort for your sake', you must study, maintain sell', increasing knowledge for future success. You must net show anger or sorrow. In this way people get to know and trust you as a happy good person who is able to weather the bad times. During this time you nasal be more rational and increase optimism while you are waiting for the bad time to be over. During this time the emotions tend to become stronger and duress from relationships or financial strains may increase to a painful level.

    How do we deal with crisis during the hibernation period? in order to understand the role we play in our universe we must understand how we relate to nature. Taoism teaches us to be aware of the forces (energy) of nature everyone knows of the moon and its effects upon our physiological states. So lefts discuss our relationship to nature to better understand our self and our life.

    The cycles of nature follow spring, Summer, autumn and winter. Shows the relationship of the seasons to our life cycle.


    Season Life Action Life Cycle Time: Business Action




    Moring-prepare for the day







    Old Age






    When you are in the right phase then you may act. But when you face the "bad wind" you must not argue or try to get a "big harvest" as you expected. In period of decay it is important to avoid investments and gamboling. While you are waiting it is important for you to observe appropriate Feng Shui for your house so you are able to use the power flora nature Io empower your well being. You can get extra benefits from natural resources. You are able to work something out and can make adjustments by supplementing the needed element.

    Feng Shui of a ]and or a house involves tile it cycles as the above chart; particularly important is the Life/Action cycle. You need to deal with tile deterrent energy spots of the site. There is also a need to know what cycle the site is in i.e.. prosperity or decay. Proper Feng Shui aligns the energy around the polar axis but not in the Western north-South, East-West divisions rather in directional relationships based upon the cycles, your birth, mirth lime and year. Before you occupy tile space you need to know which segment is beneficial to you (negative energy).

    Birth/Natal Chaffs combined with Feng Shui to help the seeker decide if property is favorable or not. A house can be good for one owner and bad for a new buyer. We have to compile the 5 Elements of one's Birth Chart to the sustained 5 Elements of the properly or hind. They must be balanced and in harmony for the new owner. If they aren't balanced then they will Have problems.


    Golden Rules for Assessing Lang Adjacent to Surrounding Mountains

    The golden rules of Fengshui govern the selection of a piece of land .We must consult these golden rules when the subject land is surrounded by mountains and lakes .The following excerpt is taken from the quintessence handed down in poetic metaphors using 28 celestial bodies as models.

    A piece of land on the out skirts of mountains is called the hole (dwelling place) of a dragon.In Fengshui metaphor, mountains are guardian deities reigning over the piece of land adjacent to or on the out skirt of mountains.

    When a piece of land had no surrounding mountains,

    It cannot feng against a wind, nor can Chi converge on it.

    If no mountains block wind blowing hard against a piece of land,

    It is useless ass a dwelling place of a dragon.

    It does not matter whether a piece of land is big or small,

    Whether the waters flow fast and slow, stay and collect ,

    Or pass by, wiggling and straight through.

    What count most are the shapes and extents in which mountains.

    Embrace waters as do long pieces of silken cloth,

    Wrap around and embrace each other, layers by layers.

    For good mountains long for waters, and waters long for mountains.

    The discourses of old Fengshui masters are complete and in detail,

    Assessing a piece of land by the shapes of surrounding mountains

    In order to determine whether it is propitious or inauspicious.

    Pointed, rounded and upright formations taken after precious objects

    Are valued as propitious dwellings of dragons.

    Distorted, slanted, or broken formations taken after evil objects

    Are pieces of land devalued to become inauspicious vessels?

    Other masters assess the land based on the principles of Five Elements,

    Subdued, supportive and nurturing orientations bring forth fortunes.

    While misfortunes come from land orientations

    Showing relations of killing or being consumed.

    Fortunes manifest speedily,

    When the shapes and orientations of mountains are both auspicious.

    If a mountain takes on evil shapes, though it be in a propitious orientation,

    Fortunes do not manifest in complete package.

    If the mountains are ill oriented, even the auspicious shapes cannot prevent

    The power of peaceful auspices from being reduced.

    If no shapes nor orientations are auspicious,

    Then misfortunes do not hesitate in stepping in.

    Therefore an elder spoke as follows:

    ?uspices is brought about by dragons dwelling in well oriented layers of mountains,

    When this condition is true, then nobility will surely arise radiantly in opulence.

    Ability to read the topographic formations and the orientations of mountain,

    Is considered primary in selections of a dragon land.

    Therefore, go for the auspicious and shun from the inauspicious.

    The beauty of selection lies in how properly you balance both.?/P>

    Topographic feature is the primary concern when reading the mountain formation.

    The mountains in three sections extend hearty welcome to the subject land:

    Highest section or the cap of a mountain must be pointed or round in upright manner.

    It should not be distorted, slated or broken.

    The mid section or body of a mountain must be a plateau,

    It must look over the subject land with open and protective hearty embrace.

    The lower section or the base of a mountain must show welcome face

    Toward the subject land with back toward the other direction.

    Be careful not to select a piece of land the following way:

    If the mountain base shows its back toward the subject land unfriendly,

    It should be recognized as a useless vessel.

    The topographic features of a mountain are represented by the model stars

    Partaking of the properties of Five Primordial Elements.

    The star of wood, whose body is round and upright,

    Whether rising into the sky or lying down in sleeping position,

    Portends the master of house will rise to nobility.

    When it roses above the clouds, it assures the master of rising nobility in opulence.

    The mountains are classified by formations into three categories

    Round and well-nourished looking mountains portend wealthy life.

    An elegant looking mountain a pointed cap portends nobility.

    Distorted, slanted and swollen looking mountains

    Portend despicable way of life.

    The mountains are classified also by height into three levels of power:

    Peak Mountains, plateaus and hilly prairies.

    Peak Mountains that rise high into the sky are the most powerful

    And portend rising nobility in opulence.

    Plateaus or mountains that rise in upright position and flat on round top

    Are the second in power and portend also nobility and wealth.

    Prairies or hills having irregular low peaks are the third in power

    And portend wealth and elegance.

    If a piece of land on a plateau is located adjacent to a first class peak mountain,

    The power of fortunes is doubled.

    In contrast, if the subject land on a plateau is located adjacent to hills or prairies,

    There will be no power if fortunes to be added on.

    (d) Optimal Land Orientation Relative to Surrounding Mountains

    To produce the optimal orientations of the subject land, we must take the surrounding mountains and hills into consideration, With geomorphic compass placed in the facing center of the residence to be built, the following readings of orientations facing the surrounding mountains are taken and evaluated one by one using the golden rules as guiding principles.

    Mount Shasta is located in Shun orientation relative to the residential site, Shun oriented mountains partake of nurturing property of Wood element. Weed produces and nurtures Fire, which is identical to that the master of subject land partakes of.

    Mount Shasta rises high above the clouds and is thus considered in Fengshui as possessing the most powerful Chi for delivering blessings. Shun oriented mountains bring auspices to the subject land and help the master of residence teach the peak and become the top leader in his enterprises.

    The mountain nest to Mount Shasta is located in Chen orientation. It partakes of the subdued property of Metal element. (Fire metal down and subdues Metal.) It brings peace, wealth, and faithful followers to the master of residence.

    Two mountains in front of the subject land are located in Mao and Jia orientations. They partake of supportive property of Fire element. They bring in prosperity and prestige or fame.

    Adjacent plateaus located to the left front are in Ken and Chou orientations. They partake of the same property of Wood and Metal respectively as those mentioned above.

    The prairies or hills located to the right of Burton Lake are in Ping orientation. It partakes of the same property of Fire element as that mentioned above.

    The only concern is the hill behind the subject land. It is located in Shen orientation Fire element that is identical to that the master partakes of. The typical cure to this violent presence is to plant rows of trees placed between the Shen oriented hill and the subject land.

    Water produces and nurtures Wood, which in turn produces and nurtures Fire. The natural inclination manifest in inter-elemental relations is to place nurturing on a higher priority Fire by planting trees even on top of the hill.

    (e) Optimal Orientation Relative to Surrounding Waters

    According to Fengshui, regardless of whether the formation of a water body is good or bad, effects of powerful orientations are experienced immediately and equally, as the sayings go:

    ?Mountains portend the potential in respect to people.

    But waters portend the developments in respect to wealth.(end)


    The True Identity Of ?TAI SHUEI ?/A>

    The Giant Planet Jupiter

    Most Chinese are familiar with the old saying that goes, ?LEAVE SOIL UNDISTURBED WHEN Tai-Shuei remains above.?In the year OF ?Tai-shuei?ou would be wise to follow these advises: ?Living in joy you can break multiple disasters, while living without joy you would invite hundreds of troubles Or Life without joy, while Tai-Shuei remains above, would surely invite misfortune.?/P>

    What is the true identity of ?Tai-shyei?whose name we are so familiar with and yet whose identity we deem so alien? Where has this with alien come from any way? According to the ancient Chinese astronomy, Tai-Shuei, also called Shuei-Yin, is a hypothetical planet identified with a year in a cycle (house) of twelve, this hypothesis was proposed on the basis of observations made from the earth in respect to the planet Jupoter? positioning on its orbit around the sun.

    Lords of Twelve Houses

    So-called ?twelve Shuei Chun?works as follows:

    This year is the year of tiger. Therefore, a person born in the year of tiger is in the year of hare is in the house of the sun of ?Tai-Yang.?/P>

    The person born in the year of dragon is in the house of ?Shang-Men?or Funeral Gate.

    The person born in the year of serpent is in the house of ?Tai-Yin?or the moon.

    The person born in the year of horse is in the house of ?Woo Kuei?or Five Demons.

    The person born in the year of sheep is in the house of ?Hsiao-Mao?or Minuscule.

    The person born in the year of monkey is in the house of ?Shuei-The?or Broken Year.

    The person born in the year of rooster is in the house of ?Long- Tch?or Dragon Merat.

    The person born in the year of dog is in the house of ?Pai-Hu?or white Tiger.

    The person born in the year of hog is in the house of ?Fu-The?or Merit of Fortune.

    The person born in the year of mouse is in the house of ?Tien-Kou?or Celestial Dog.

    The person born in the year of ox is in the house of ?Ping-Fu?or incantation for the Sick.

    The lord has influences over people born of different disposition, opening or closing the door to auspices.

    Each of twelve annual angles (in increment of 30 degrees such as 120 or 180 degree) which the wise seers of ancient observed from the earth, by projecting their views on Jupiter? orbital position, must have been related to unique and extraordinary events or happening that the living beings on earth had experienced.

    Suppose that Jupiter? birth year in one of the twelve houses happen to correspond to Tai-Shuei, as this year of tiger. Under such circumstances, if activities are carelessly arranged or events erroneously committed, such as moving soil while in graveyard or laying house foundation, then an ominous event or a disaster will probably follow, why does the planet Jupiter exercise such enormous influences or dominance on the plant earth?

    Powerful Characteristics of Jupiter

    The giant plant Jupiter must consist of gas, according to researches done by the astronomers and scientists based on close up photographs and measurements taken by Voyagers 1 and 2 on their way out of the solar system in 1979,and a probe launched by Galileo spacecraft in 1995,80percent of Jupiter? atmosphere is molecular hydrogen, with helium constituting almost all of the remaining 20 percent. They are the two lightest and most abundant elements in the universe, apparently a composition similar to that of the sun and other stars. Jupiter? colorful bands, caused by strong atmospheric currents, with strong wind blowing through at all clue depth, which is possibly caused by teat escaping from Jupiter? depth, suggest the births and decay of giant cyclonic storm systems.

    There is lightning on Jupiter, but each Jovial lightning bolt has about ten times more energy than a lightning bolt on earth.

    Calculations show that the temperature and pressure continue to increase toward the interior, reaching values at which hydrogen fist liquefies and then assumes a metallic, highly conducting state, a core of solid, earthlike material may exist at the center.

    The Jovial magnetic field is generated deep within these layers. At the surface of Jupiter, this field is 14times stronger than earth?.

    Jupiter? Orbital Cycle and Lords of Twelve Houses

    Once every twelve (11.9) earth years Jupiter makes a complete orbit around the sun, but it takes Jupiter only 9.9 hours to rotate once on its axis, in the cycle of twelve earth years in which Jupiter makes one orbit around the auntie earth assumes 12 positioning and hence unique angles from Jupiter. ?This is why there exist differentials in the force of jovial magnetism exerted on the earth and how Jupiter extends its mysterious dominance over the earth. That explains briefly why and how the theory of Lords of Twelve Houses?was born.


    Talking About Year 2003 Fortune Outlook and Trend

    The year 2003 is (end of 02/01/2003) the year of sheep. Sheep is the auspicious animal sign of the gentle and the tender. However, this year's (GUA) has the sign of Kun. It means trouble and difficulty. It is one of the four most difficult troubles among the 64 GUA. Its sign speaks (means) trouble, being lucky, being truthful, good for people of integrity, absence of blame and punishment. People would say things they are not to be trusted. This sign means marsh on top and water below. The water leaks to the underground but the marsh runs dry. This signifies the phenomenon of difficulty and crisis. In other words, it is trapped in many kinds of difficulties. For poor people, they must experience crisis and difficulty first in order to become prosperous. They must also stay on their moral path. Of course people find it hard to believe words from someone who is in difficulty time.

    As the poem goes: being happy when in trouble time can make one's path to future smooth; people of integrity have luck in their affairs by staying moral. One experiences no blame or loss by letting go. Be cautious with news and media and do not believe the right and wrong.

    Among the six relies on parenthood, which is the god of avoidance from wealth, enpower of religious. This year's state of economy is not good. Many people are laid off. Many companies file bankrupty. The stock market is in a slump. However it is good year for real estate. Religion and worshipping God are flourishing. People of deep faith of Heaven will respond positively. Fifth line relies on brotherhood, God of mountain competition. This is the original God of intelligence and learning. This signifies the international relations remain tense. Nations have unequal (conflict of )interests. War may break out at any moment. High tech advances rapidly, reaping good profits. Because the year 2003 , it signifies the phenomenon of the sky subdues and the earth charges upward. Native sign means the coming of wealth triggers killing; it is the state of metal and (wood) canceling one another. There is earthquake during the year. There are also war, fire, flood, and draught in this year's sign.

    Based on the (Astrology) reading analysis, destructive (damaging) army solves the problem this year. This means any profession that is related to destroying consumption will flourish. For example army ammunition and chemical profession will be strong. Gigantic gate turns (transfforms) power. This year there are many disputes and fights over power and profit. This is good for professions that have to do with speaking. The moon sign influences family (academic study). This is beneficial to real estate, feminine religion and faith, and honest social morals and ethics. Public figures who are free from corruption will be valued and be taken seriously. Greedy wolf social standing and good reputation because of lack of self-control over lust and alcoholism. One should be careful with it.
    This year:
    (Tai Shui): shouldn't start construction (building) on the 8th of the 12 earthly branches(South West side). Renovaftion and construction opens door next to ill omen. Transforming (turning)solution: installing a golden running horse at the house of Jupiter or in the Jupiter direction. Three evil spirits: in the west direction (...), if it is a house facing East, the company should on the West side install three Chinese kylin with their heads turning around as solution.
    Jupiter break: shouldn't start construction work on the 2nd of the 12 earthly branches (North North East side)
    Double black ill sign : on the north side, it is not appropriate to have the North side door opened. Sick patients, recovery patients, and getting well patients are best not in North room. Solution: installing a golden gourd on the North side of room.
    Five yellows: flying to the Southwest side is the "lock-up" evil spirit. One should not open door and start building. Solution is five ancient emperor coins or aeolian bells (wind chimes).
    Noble star and Scholer star: arriving at the Southwest side, it is good for honor and fame, fortune and money.
    Peach blossom: it is on North side. Room facing North, with open door, should install rooster facing up at the entrance door way as solution to the peach blossom evil spirit.
    Eight white wealth stars: arriving at straight(west) direction: one can put a money toad to attract wealth.
    Six white wealth star: arriving at teh center palace. One can put a treasure pot in the center of the room to attract money.
    (For detail, refer to ) to look at your luck this year when they say:...

    This year's twelve birth signs' forecast is as follows:

    Rat: Your luck this year is rather good. The ever growing build-up of negativities becomes positive. Great happiness includes support from purple tiny star. Your house will be filled with wealth and happiness. When you observe quietly all matters are enjoying themselves. The four seasons are filled with excitement. However it is not ominous when running into trouble. If you are happy doing good deeds and are willing to give. Suffering or disaster can turn into good fortune. Everything will go smoothly.

    Ox: This year's forecast: year damage enters life. Happiness is for the show, worrying is real. Among all things it is best to guard one's life. Making one mistake could cause many troubles. Be careful when planning affairs and be cautious of falling into trap by shady characters because you could lose wealth. This year's beginning of Spring has (evil) star. It is necessary to avoid gossiping with others. It could be disaster related to jail time. It is best for men to go far away to work. One should be careful with everything. Stay calm and adapt to change. You will turn ill luck to good luck.

    Tiger: (heavenly happiness) star brings luck, theoretically there should be matters of happiness and celebration. However there is also moon to cause displeasure. Follow your dream and be complacent. Grand work undertaking often brings you excitement. If you run into difficult situation, there will be noble person helping you. So when you come across danger, it will not be critical. But when examing the chart, there is death symbol. Small bad news star appears. One must be careful with theft by small children, disease, back stabbing by vile character, and unexpected financial losses and dispute with officals. You should get in through honest path, and when you get what you want it is not appropriate to move any further. If you can do this, the wealth you attracted will stay with you for long.

    Rabbit: lucky star shines prominently over work and business. Under normal circumstances, it ought to be smooth sailing, and you gain higher social status. However when we examine the chart, there is evasion by five ghosts(devils). In addition, sinking/floating star and (evil) star occupy the palace, first there are three sunny days, then there are four rainy days. One stormy wave followed by sand storm brings mixed feelings of grief and joy. Be careful making friends. Otherwise there are perhaps financial losses. Also it is necessary to guard against friends' revolt. When they see money, the forget about loyalty. If you guard it safely things are peaceful and calm. If you act rashly without careful thought, you attract disaster.

    Dragon: distant hook and tangle star. When conducting affairs you may get entangled and run into trouble caused by someone else. It is wonderful to have earth solution star come to the rescue, turning ill luck to good luck. It is appropriate to go in the direction of doing good deeds and faith and worship. Many times there are noble person support you and help you so you can be successful. This year the moon is right at position. It is lucky for ladies but not so lucky for men. Men should be careful with sex-trap. If you are not careful, you experience either disaster or financial losses. It is utmost important not to take reckless actions because of lust. Also guard against loss of loyalty when you do someone a favor, you put lot of effort but there is no effect and no appreciation.

    Snake: This year can not be called luck. Things clearly appear to be lucky but they are not. It seems that you smell sweet fragrance, but it is not sweet-smelling after all. Only because the bad luck star occupies spot. There is perhaps mourning dress. You hear happy news then you hear sad one. Your are utterly confused and disconcerted by shocking news and suprises. Wealth and profit are not that excellent. Your plan and strategy are not accurate. When there is happiness, you can break the ill luck. Without happiness, hundreds of bad things come your way. Avoid observing funerals and do not go into family suffering from recent death. If you can do that, luck will come and disaster will go away.

    Horse: Sun is shining from high above, you are in the spot light. Your spirit is high and you are comfortable when things are going well, just like the moon is exceptionally bright when in mid autumn. Your business is going smoothly and profitable. On top of that you have jade hall star bringing wealth. If you work hard you will gain good profit. Only there is sky star adds damage. You must guard against the regret of profit and wealth going away. Once you get it, prevent from losing it. It is good for men but not good for ladies. Be careful with fights between couples.

    Sheep: custom says planet Jupiter is right overhead. Without happiness there is perhaps mishap. One happy event breaks three mishaps. In the absence of happy event hundreds of troubles come. Doing business does not yield profit. Whether you are sinking of floating is uncertain. In addition there is star signifies small scholarly honor. There is hope of passing examinations. But the sword sharpened, dead corps evil stars surround neighboring border. Be careful to guard against blood shedding disaster and family feud, and knife wound kinds of unlucky things. Be careful with evrything. It is appropriate to receive order from sovereign of the planet Jupiter for the wound to heal on the first moon. This will ensure lucky and safe.

    Monkey: Cannot say there are all peaceful days ahead, for it is necessary to guard against unexpected worries. There is disease symbol evil star entering palace. Be cautious of losing when you think you are geftting something. Your health is not so good. This year do not enter ward of hospital. Gluttony is something that will get you lose everything. When it comes to material things it is appropriate to be frugal. One mistake will cause hundreds of worries. Do not mind other people's business. Be on guard of gossip and quarrels by shady characters. When conducting affairs and doing business, be extra careful and think twice before taking any action in order to avoid worries.

    Rooster: Heavenly God enters palace. Not to say both wealth and new baby enter the picture. It is necessary to guard against unexpected disaster. When doing work it is more for the effort and there is no (achievement) reward. There is even worry about emotional wound. There is also(hang family) star near border which could mean funeral dresses. However, luckily there is heavenly solution star near palace at teh same time. So you can expect turning bad luck into good. When you run into trouble, there is luck coming your way. Be careful conducting affairs and there is naturally no disaster. Luck day is the end of moon.

    Dog: There is fortune and morality star and heavenly morality star doubling support near border. Fortune telling there are hundreds of luck created in the family, there are thousands of lucky things outside the house. Wealth and happiness come to your door. You gain both fame and fortune. It is time for celebration. However there is retroflex(rolling) tongue star entering palace. There maybe quarrel by shady characters. One should be careful with everything. Do not take on other people's right or wrong. Silence is gold.

    Boar: Crown trophy enters palace. There is hope for fame and achievements. However thereis white tiger entering palace, so we can not say it is lucky. If tiger is in the dark, perhaps there are hidden worries. Be careful with evil character stab you in the back, you can be trapped into situation where you suffer from financial losses and lawsuit. Do not ride horse standing on only threee legs. Do not play with snakes with two heads. Also you must guard against friends' revolt. Be careful making friends. Only when it is appropriate you then go in. When you pull back you get reward. It is appropriate to tame white tiger on the lucky day at the right time.

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