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Introduction of Goldenlife Medical Group. of Chinese and Western Medicine
Goldenlife Medical Group has two branch offices, one is located at 4050 Temple City Blvd., Rosemead, CA 91770, and another at 1205 North Euclid Street, Anaheim, CA 92801, where traffic are convenient and surrounding are nice. Goldenlife Medical Group with a history of 16 years is a synthetic medical center. It has a medical team of good doctors, is equipped with various medical apparatus. It has several sections, each of them are established to treat special kind of patients, included Nose Disease Section which specially cures various kinds of nose diseases, such as nose allergy, nasosinusitis, lasting cough, and asthma. Paralysis and Pain Section specially cures high blood pressure, emergent aid to apoplexy, squeal of apoplexy, pain of shoulder, neck, waist, leg, and other kinds of pain. Gynecology Section, Internal Secretion Section, and Applied Internal
Secretion apply a medical method of replacing internal secretion to treat malfunction of women's international secretion, and climacteric syndrome of women. Ophthalmology Section of traditional Chinese Medicine treats ocular bleeding, department of retina, nearsightedness, and cataract. Goldenlife Medical Group also has Tumor Section, Dermatological Section, and Pediatrics Section. For 16 years, our colleagues have been serving Chinese and American patients with noble medical morale, super medical skill, and cordial attitude. Good medical result obtained great fame in Los Angeles and California.

Goldenlife Medical Group was set up in 1984. Its founder doctor Doctor Steve Liu comes from a doctor family for generations. In his early years, he practiced medicine in Taiwan, as he was ready at any time to help others, he was loved by the local residents. Later he went to mainland of China to enter formal university of traditional Chinese medicine , completed all undergraduate courses, and had a doctor's degree. 1984, Doctor Liu came to Los Angeles and founded Goldenlife Medical Group in order to promote traditional Chinese medicine, and Liu associated step by step a group of traditional Chinese and the western doctors with rich experience to form a medical team to serve patients. Through many years of clinical practice, the medical team has been studying and probing some common and frequently-occurring diseases in Northern America, and obtained great medical results. These results relieved many patients of pain lasting for many years, and Goldenlife Medical Group has established its own special medical characters, i.e.,efficient, simple, time-saving, money-saving, and with no pain. Following is an introduction of major sections of Goldenlife Medical Group:

1.Nose Diseases Section:
Nose diseases, especially allergic trinities and nasosinusitis, are common diseases in Northern America, which are difficult to cure, but occur frequently. A lot of learners of China and foreign countries have spent much painstaking efforts on these diseases, but still have not found out a good way to solve problems. Doctor Liu, through many years of clinical research, created a series of treatment by nose-disease-cure equipment according to nose's physiology and pathology. The principle of the equipment is that nose takes into vapor full of ions with function of inflammation and anti-allergy, the vapor produced by traditional Chinese medical herbs, can reach everywhere inside the nose cave, and distributed evenly at sinus channels and sinus holes, in this was the medicine gives play. This method has solved the problem caused by complex construction of nose cave, the problem is that common treatment hardly sends medicine to deep sinus holes, so little medical effect is obtained. Practice proves that this method can quickly control nose diseases and make nose to recover from diseases. In order to solve the problem to strengthen medical effect and avoid reoccurring of diseases, Goldenlife Medical Group invented simple home-used small equipment-nose treatment apparatus, which is designed scientifically, with simple structure, and convenient to carry and use. This equipment not only strengthens medical effect and prevents reoccurring of diseases, but also prevents and cures common cold and diseases of respiratory tracts. This equipment has been welcomed by mass of clients since it was created.

2. Paralysis and Pain Section

High blood pressure and cerebral blood vessels apoplexy are common diseases in Northern America and other developed countries, which leads high rate of death and frequently occurring sequelae. Sequelae of apoplexy brings a heavy load to patients, their family members and the society. Apoplexy often appears on persons of middle and old age, but recent years, some middle-aged and young persons also suffer from it. In order to prevent this disease, Goldenlife Medical Group suggests following three matters you should pay attention to :
1) Carefully arrange working and resting;
2) Adjust feeling and sentiments;
3) Control food and drink;
" Carefully arrange working and resting" means that one should regularize his or her daily life, strike a proper balance between work and rest, and take some physical exercises, and keep blood current unobstructed." Adjust feeling and sentiments" means that one should keep him or her happy and keep feeling stable, and avoid too strong 7 kinds of sentiments which harm body's health. "Control food and drink" means that one should not eat too much food with fat, strong taste, and resolutely not eat too much, so as avoid excessive cholesterol, sugar, and salt, one should eat much vegetables, not be alcohol drunk. If you are unlucky and suffer from the disease, you should pay attention to the following matters if you want to low death rate and reduce the sequelae:
Early dialectical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, accompanied by acupuncture and Goldenlife Medical Group often produces satisfied result. The earlier treatment is applied, the better the result is. So in order to reduce occurring of apoplexy's sequelae, the patient should be treated in time. Second, the patient needs reasonable nursing, relatives' care and nursing are especially impartment. Besides, doctors should apply suitable scientific recovering measures on the patient. If above mentioned measures are taken, most of patients will have an opportunity to recover at different degrees.
Shoulder pain and pain of waist and legs occur frequently in America where people tensely live, work, and study, some cases are difficult to be cured. It is the case that patients saw many famous doctors of the western and Chinese medicine in several even ten years, little medical result was obtained, even the case became more serious day by day.
Goldenlife Medical Group adopts a synthetical method, included special massage, accompanied by acupuncture with function to leading in ions, to treat this kind of diseases, and obtains obvious medical result, and the patients suffering from stubbornly remaining pain can be relieved in shorter time. For many years the synthetical treatment relieved a lot of patient suffering from stubbornly remaining diseases, and won high opinion of patients.
Goldenlife Medical Group has Ophthalmology Section, Woman Internet Secretion Section, Tumor Section, and Pediatrics Section. We can not introduce all the sections in detail as length's limitation. If you want to know more about us. Please call at 626-448-1143. or
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I still recall vividly the painful incident that took place when I was only seven years old. I went into a fight with my second elder sister. All of a sudden, she threw a big slap at my cheek. I turned my head to avoid the slap. But unfortunately, her hand struck my left ear with such a force that I was overwhelmed by a sharp pain and subsequently, some bloody fluid started to run out from my left ear. My mom did not take it too seriously afterwards, and she only treated me with some over-the-counter eardrops medication. The bloody secretion finally ceased after a period of time.

As I grew older, I did not notice anything terribly wrong, except the fact that I could not hear too clearly during my teacher's lectures. Also, when I was carrying on a conversation, I constantly begged others to repeat their sentence. I finally got use to it for many years.

It's only until a body check-up shortly after my pregnancy that I was told that I had a badly damaged left ear, and that my hearing ability ratio was almost at zero. So far, I was relying solely on my right ear to listen. The doctor told me that I was almost deaf on my left ear, and I had to take extra precaution to protect my right ear in order not to further jeopardize my hearing. However, fate is always playing game with me that, I frequently suffered infection in my right ear. Every time when I caught a cold or suffered from a sore throat, my right ear would be infected. Eventually, a large hole developed at my right ear's eardrum membrane. If this deterioration continues, I mi become total death.

Several years ago, I was advised by my doctor to operate on my right ear to repair the hole of my membrane. But his candidness on the risk factor prevented my consensus to
operate. He told me that I would become total deaf should the operation fail. Also, I would not aware of such an outcome until about a month after the operation, because it would take that long for me to recuperate. So, I did not pursuit further on my ear problem.

Last year, my ear infection severed to a point that it was intolerable that I had to do something. I geared up my courage to undergo an eardrum re-construction operation on my right ear last November in hope that it will stop the infection and improve my hearing ability.

Fate again was not on my side; and I suffered infections frequently after the operation. Pain was felt at the lymph region behind the right ear. After switching to several different eardrop medications and antibiotics prescribed by my ear surgeon doctor, I was at a point of almost giving up on all hopes. It was at this critical time when my friend, William Bang, found out my ailment, and he recommended me to seek consultation with Dr. Steve Liu. William told me that Dr. Liu is an ENT specialist, famous for treating extra-ordinary cases.

With great enthusiasm, I made my first visit to Dr. Liu's clinic in Temple City on June 24, 2002. After reviewing my case history, Dr. Liu urged me to give him a trial for month's treatment base on acupuncture, heat therapy,
Chinese herb and I-Ching numerology theory. Miraculously, just after the first office treatment, the bloody secretion and pain of my right ear stopped. I was totally shock by this incredible achievement, and I continued seeking treatment to this present date. Now, with only one month of treatment, I feel like a different person. It seems like that I have just got a new ear implant, and my health also improved tremendously. I get rid of my frequent colds and sore throats, and I feel more energetic and vibrant.

I owe so much to Dr. Liu that I don? know how to thank him. To witness his great deed, I am documenting my own experience with his great doctor. I sincerely thank Dr. Liu from the bottom of my heart, and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help.

Amy Yue





By Dr. H.C. Steve Liu

This unique the rapeutic apparatus is the invaluable product designed and developed from our research on the nasal pathology and the characid eristic physiology of respiratory systems.

Noses are considered the frontier fortress vital to maintaining human life and health. Noses axe indeed the

First defense line against all diseases. Your nose is the gate to vital functions of life that provide quality air (purified and humidified) to keep you alive through breathing over seventeen thousands trines per day.

Since noses must undergo ceaseless labor literally day and night, this center has undertaken Fears of research in the area of nasal health maintenance and prevention of nasal diseases.

Clinical records show most nasal and other respiratory diseases have chronic or fluctuating characteristics observed in such symptoms as chronic sinusitis, allergic nasal infection, chronic bronchitis, and asthma.

The reasons why these clinical conditions are almost incurable are as follows:

(1) External factors: changing weather and climate, inconsistent quality in the air, germs transmitted through the air or air or airborne pathogens.

(2) Internal factors: individual constitution, normal processes and emotional or psychological effect on physiological functions, and the immune systems on the wane, etc.

(3) Stress, pressure and loss of stamina resulted from daily work or the taxing demand on life.

Talking all these factors into consideration, we have proposed a system of clinical and home therapies to treat the nasal and respire to pry diseases mentioned above. Based on the Chinese medical principles such as no shot, no prescription, no pain, and no inconvenience, our naturalist and he foal therapies have been developed to offer positive treatments most effective in treating conditions such as allergic nasal infection sinusitis, emphysema, polyps, rations nasal infections, flues, whooping coughs and asthma.

The Nasal Diseases Therapeutic System & Apparatus promoted by Ching-An sinus clinic and Research

Center has two major meritorious characteristics:

(l) After receiving diagnosis and clinical therapy administered by the doctors, our patients, with doctor's instruction, can at the same time self-administer this home therapy as measures of health maintenance and preventive medicine as well. This therapeutic apparatus will, at the onset of the symptoms, provide trimly home treatments as an extension of clinical therapy. This timely home therapy will keep the symptoms from getting worse and save you considerable amount of money otherwise incused by frequent visits to doctor? office.

(2) The therapeutic system includes nature's medicinal heroes, carefully made by this clinic into highly Concentrated molecular solutions for internal and external uses (see Direction). When taken at the onset of symptoms, they can effectively control the conditions without developing any harmful side effects.

They?e the most dependable and safe medicines you can find.

In general, most patients experience their symphony reduced after 2 to 3 treatments, and satisfactorily cured after 1 to 3 courses of therapy (1 course of therapy includes 8 treatments).

The Nasal Disease Therapeutic Apparatus is used to vaporize the liquid he foal medicine dropped in

Inhaler dish. Vaporizer-Inhaler is Model 11 SI, made by kaz Inc., US A.


A) Tuong piling, all natural molecular solution- to be inhaled:

(1) Inhale 40 to 80 droplets, (Added in Inhaler dish, also see Note below), twice a day, before going to bed and after awakening. Inhale immediately at the onset of the symptoms, this treatment can reduce pains and weed up recovery.

(2) After the symptoms am under control or for health maintenance, inhale 20 to 60 droplets once a day before going to bed or after awakening. Note: Droplets are dripping beads of solution produced by gently squeezing the Rubber-cap on top of the tube. Ten droplets are roughly equivalent to one draw of solution in the tube.

B) Medicine Vaporizer-Inhaler (Therapeutic Apparatus):

(1) Add one tea spoonful of distilled water in the dish of Inhaler.

(2) Add liquid medicine ( amount as indicated above) in the water and inhale for 10 to 15 minutes

(3) Must be used as often as intimated by the doctor or once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

(4) Wash Vaporizer-Inhaler clean every time after use.

C) Chiang Fei Ling molecular solution fox internal use:

Functional Effect: improves immune system and strengthens nasal and respiratory systems.

Ingredients: raw ginger, prolis, mints and other natural ingredients.

Effective Cure: sneezing, nasal drip, nasal itch, nasal clog, whooping cough, asthma, flue, mm throat, and other symptoms.

Daily Use: take 20 to 40 droplets in ternally as often as directed or twice a day, before going to bed and after a wakening. For children: reduce the amount to half.

Note: Droplets are dripping beads of solution produced by gently squeezing the Rubber-cap on top of the tube. Ten droplets are roughly equivalent to one draw of solution in the tube.

D) Chiang Pi Ling ointment- to be administered by doctors only: To be applied to the membranes of nasal cavities after each treatment with vaporizer-Inhaler. END



Zhiguo Qu, TCM Physician Specializing in Lupus Sebaceus

Zhiguo Qu is an outpatient service physician specializing in Lupus Sebaceus in Golden Life Medical Group. He served as Director of Dong Fang Hong Institute for Lupus Sebaceus, Harbin City. He specializes in the following areas: Lupus Sebaceus (Cazenave? Lupus); dermatomyositis; psoriasis, breast cancer and tumor; hypersensitivity purpura (pelioma); diabetes; hypersensitivity asthma, tracheitis; genital herpes; renal blood urine; acute nephritis; nephrotic syndrome; renal insufficiency.

Prof. Zhiguo Qu graduated from Zhonghua Chinese Medical University, Hong Kong and obtained Doctor? degree.

Current titles:

Member of World Chinese Medicine Association.

Special researcher of Medicine Department of Chinese Medical Research Institute, China. Researcher of Department of Basic Theory.

Specialist for World Scientific Consultation

Guest professor of American World Traditional Medicine and Technology University

Director of Collagen Disease Specialist Committee of Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Chinese Medcine Association, China.

Served as academician of the United States Nobel Medical Research Institute, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Medicine advisor, member of City People? Congress and District People? Political Consultative Conference.

Awards: American Famous Physician Award, Golden Statue Award.

First-prize winner of Hua Tuo Cup for Hong Kong World Chinese Medical.

Golden Cup for World Chinese Medical Association

First ?prize winner of Convention of World Medicine Innovation, Beijing.

Reported by medium:

He was reported in many occasions by Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Central News Agency, Central People? Radio Station, People? Daily, People? Daily Overseas Edition, China Heath News, Chinese Medicine Daily, China Medical Daily, China Consumer Daily, Scientific technology Daily, Economic Daily, Chinese Youth, Chinese Worker? Daily, Chinese Women, Chinese Farmers, Political Consultative Conference, Reference News, Guangming Daily etc.


Cambodia King Norodom Sihanouk? daughter visited Professor Zhiguo Qi for the treatment of lupus sebaceus in 1992. His superb medical skill has earned Chinese medical profession international reputation.

Lupus Sebaceus Diagnosis and Treatment Based on an Overall Analysis of the Illness and the Patient? Condition.

The sick rate of Lupus Sebaceus for women is 0.8%, but the incidence of this disease has increased considerably in recent years. Lupus Sebaceus mostly occurs on age between 15 to 38; ninety percent of the diseases occur on women. Children, elder people and middle-aged people also have high sick rate.

Clinical Manifestation:

This is a concealed disease, the initial symptom may be fever, discomfort, weight loss, joint sore, and hypodynamia. It also shows the early symptom, such as skin rash, Raynaud? syndrome, xerostomia, ulcer, lymphadenhypertrophy, purpura, herpes zoster, nettle rash etc. The early symptom can also be shown by abnormal index in the laboratory, such as White blood cell and blood sedimentation becoming faster, increasing the gamma (g) globulins etc.

The misdiagnosis rate in early stage for this disease is high. Upon discovery of above symptom, the further diagnosis to confirm is needed.

1. General Symptom on whole body:

It has the symptom of Hypodynamia, which has medium degree, high degree and serious degree. The condition will be improved after using prednisoun, but it will recur shortly. The patients who lose 63% of weight will have fever, some of them could be above 42 Centigrade, the condition can be improved by using prednisoun, but must be cautious of infection which is one of the key factors to death. 40% of factors for death are infection. The infection may be treated by taking prednisoun, but prednisone cannot completely cure the disease, it will recur shortly; after taking prednisoun for 11 weeks, it shows fatty infiltration of liver and accompanied with fat embolism which can cause the death of liver cell and increase poisonous of the liver.

2. Clinical manifestation of cortex destruction:

The 85% of this disease have cortex destruction, for which the typical symptom is butterfly erythema on the face, the cortex destruction is limited on two cheeks (Cortex destruction can become skin cancer).

3. Clinical manifestation of mucous destruction:

Mucous destruction rate is 42%; ulcers are mostly discovered in either hard palate or soft palate, which is the symptom of ulcer in mouth cavity.

4. Pathologic change in joint and muscle:

As to the symptom of joint, the most common manifestation is that in early stage it may be diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis or ?heumatism??uscle sore?for arthrosis patient. A one third of patients have muscle sore, muscular atrophy, complete paralysis, muscular flaccidity, and absence of reflex. Muscle examination can discover holomyarian type inflammation, fibrositis, vacuolar myopathy around the blood vessels, which are caused by hormone treatment and chloroquine treatment.

5. Cardiovascular system:

Cardiovascular system has ?aynaud? syndrome? thrombotic phlebitis, and arterial thrombosis.

Manifestation of heart:

Heart damage is normal; the reason is long term hormone treatment for lupus sebaceus, which causes pericardits, myocarditis, endocarditis and valvulopathy.

6. Pathologic change of lung and meninges:

The sick rate for causing lung pathologic change is 75%. The symptoms are: meninges, lung and blood vessels in the lung necrosis, acute lupus pneumonia, diffuse pulmonary interstitial fibrosis or diffuse interstitial pneumonitis, pulmonary function disturbance, blood vessels in lung and meninges are abnormal.

7. Alimentary system:

Abdomen sore, it is similar to the symptom of acute abdomen disease and may be misdiagnosed for surgery, especially the sore after hormone is caused by that immunocomplex stimulates the serous coat or blood vessels in intestinal tract.

Intestinal perforation and hemorrhage of gastrointestinal tract caused by intestine vasculitis infarction can result in death; taking or injecting prednisone can cause bleeding perforation.

8. Ascitic fluid, hepatomegaly and splenomegaly:

Systematic lupus sebaceus and peritoneum pathologic change can cause ascitic fluid, and adhesion to liver, spleen and other organs. The activity of systematic lupus sebaceus can cause hepatomegaly and splenomegaly.

9. Central nervous system:

Nervous abnormal, organic brain injury syndrome, epileptic attack, headache and motion sickness, cranial nerves abnormal, cerebellar syndrome, pseudotumor cerebri, meningitis, myelitis and other symptoms.

10. Blood system:

Anemia, leukopenia, leukocytosis, thrombocytopenia, blood coagulation abnormal and other symptoms.

11. Kidney system:

Lupus nephritis: focal proliferation, diffuse proliferative type, membranous type, mesentery type, etc.

12. Other symptoms:

Abnormal menstruation, abnormal lymph, abnormalities of brain, Abnormal parotid gland, abnormal eye, infection, operative gravidity, emotional, photoallergy.

13. Medicine and Treatment:

Suiting measures to different conditions. Clearing away heat and toxic material, removing heat from blood and protecting the Yin, promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis, nourishing Yin and kidney. Warming up the spleen and kidney, Activating Yin and Yang.

Treatment characteristics:

I use pure Chinese medical and medicine, which does not have any toxicity and side effect. The disease does not recur after cure. When taking my secret prescription medicine handed down in the family from generation to generation, the patient must stop taking western medicine. However, the use of prednisone should be reduced gradually, but the patient must completely stop using prednisone within certain time.

Doctor of Golden Life Medical Group LA:

Zhiguo, Qu

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