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Goldenlife Medical Group conducts online service since 1998. We are specialized in providing Rx. item Healthcare Products, and mail service. Our License Doctors will always give you free online consulations and pharmacist carefully pack each Rx. item. Customer's satisfaction and safety is always our #1 concerns. And better yet we are keeping our team research to work best for you. We now will give one free "Repower" as each order $180 or more from as we thank you for your support and share with your friends. Effective from now to March 31, 2005.

· The products we sell are manufactured from FDA approved facility, with unique technology and highest standard ingredients right here in the United States.
· At Golden Life Medical Group,as our research group we research and developed each of our products from initial concept to final product.
· We are not only doing business of selling products but our goal is provide the best for human being through our painstaking effort.

· Dr. Steve Liu, LAC, CEO of Omniall5 
· Dr. Zheng Wen Xin, M.D., Assoc. Professor Yale University School of medicine
Director of Gynecology and Pathology, Yale-New Heaven Hospital.
· Dr. Liao Hai San, LAC
· Dr. I-In Sung, M.D., G. P.


Dr. Liu and the research team of Golden Life Medicla Group


About Dr. Steve Liu

Steve Liu was born in a chinese traditional medical family He is a dragon gate lineal descendant of five Taoist Arts. He was educated in Chinese Medical University in Hubei Province in China and earned a Doctor's degree in U.S.A.. Now he is licensed with accupunturist in California.

He taught accupuncture at a University for several years. At present he is forcus on the study research and teaching about five Taoist Arts and five elements related to human life.

Dr. Steve Liu has been studying five Taoist Arts since he was young. He is combining different lineal theories with his unique practice. Dr. Steve Liu is specialized in Mountain(Chigong practice), Healing, Celestial Divination, Meta-morphology and Pooh Divination(Fengshui)in order to solve people's physical, metality and life problems. He will help you to realize your past, present and future ,give guideness to remove obstacles for well being. For many years, Dr. Steve Liu has been successfully helping many people, business companies including famous entrepreneurs and Hollywood Celebrities.


Introduction of Goldenlife Medical Group. of Chinese and Western Medicine
Goldenlife Medical Group is located at cross of Temple City Blvd. and Valley Blvd., where traffic is convenient and surrounding is nice. Goldenlife Medical Group with a history of 16 years is a synthetic medical center, it has a medical team of good doctors, is equipped with various medical apparatus. It has several sections, each of them are established to treat special kind of patients, included Nose Disease Section which specially cures various kinds of nose diseases, such as nose allergy, nasosinusitis, lasting cough, and asthma. Paralysis and Pain Section specially cures high blood pressure, emergent aid to apoplexy, sequelae of apoplexy, pain of shoulder, neck, waist, leg, and other kinds of pain. Gynecology Section, Internal Secretion Section, and Applied Internal Secretion apply a medical method of replacing internal secretion to treat malfunction of women's international secretion, and climacteric syndrome of women. Ophthalmology Section of traditional Chinese Medicine treats ocular bleeding, department of retina, nearsightedness, and cataract. Goldenlife Medical Group also has Tumor Section, Dermatological Section, and Pediatrics Section. For 16 years, our colleagues have been serving Chinese and American patients with noble medical morale, super medical skill, and cordial attitude. Good medical result obtained great fame in Los Angeles and California.
Goldenlife Medical Group was set up in 1984. Its founder doctor Doctor Steve Liu comes from a doctor family for generations. In his early years, he practiced medicine in Taiwan, as he was ready at any time to help others, he was loved by the local residents. Later he went to mainland of China to enter formal university of traditional Chinese medicine , completed all undergraduate courses, and had a doctor's degree. 1984, Doctor Liu came to Los Angeles and founded Goldenlife Medical Group in order to promote traditional Chinese medicine, and Liu associated step by step a group of traditional Chinese and the western doctors with rich experience to form a medical team to serve patients. Through many years of clinical practice, the medical team has been studying and probing some common and frequently-occurring diseases in Northern America, and obtained great medical results. These results relieved many patients of pain lasting for many years, and Goldenlife Medical Group has established its own special medical characters, i.e.,efficient, simple, time-saving, money-saving, and with no pain. Following is an introduction of major sections of Goldenlife Medical Group: 1.Nose Diseases Section: Nose diseases, especially allergic rhinitis and nasosinusitis, are common diseases in Northern America, which are difficult to cure, but occur frequently. A lot of learners of China and foreign countries have spent much painstaking efforts on these diseases, but still have not found out a good way to solve problems. Doctor Liu, through many years of clinical research, created a series of treatment by nose-disease-cure equipment according to nose's physiology and pathology. The principle of the equipment is that nose takes into vapor full of ions with function of inflammation and anti-allergy, the vapor produced by traditional Chinese medical herbs, can reach everywhere inside the nose cave, and distributed evenly at sinus channels and sinus holes, in this was the medicine gives play. This method has solved the problem caused by complex construction of nose cave, the problem is that common treatment hardly sends medicine to deep sinus holes, so little medical effect is obtained. Practice proves that this method can quickly control nose diseases and make nose to recover from diseases. In order to solve the problem to strengthen medical effect and avoid reoccurring of diseases, Goldenlife Medical Group invented simple home-used small equipment-nose treatment apparatus, which is designed scientifically, with simple structure, and convenient to carry and use. This equipment not only strengthens medical effect and prevents reoccurring of diseases, but also prevents and cures common cold and diseases of respiratory tracts. This equipment has been welcomed by mass of clients since it was created. 2. Paralysis and Pain Section High blood pressure and cerebral blood vessels appoplexy are common diseases in Northern America and other developed countries, which leads high rate of death and frequently occurring sequelae. Sequelae of apoplexy brings a heavy load to patients, their family members and the society. Apoplexy often appears on persons of middle and old age, but recent years, some middle-aged and young persons also suffer from it.


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